UAE weather: Temperatures @ 49°C

Heavy winds in Al Ain on Thursday (Al Bayan)

It's going to be a really hot weekend in the UAE, with the weatherman forecasting highs of 49 degree Celsius, and a spike in humidity levels.

"The maximum temperature will range between 45-49 degree Celsius, and every day will see an increase," a spokesperson from National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology [NCMS] told Emirates24|7.

It will also be cloudy. The rise in humidity levels could cause fog/mist formation in the night, or early mornings.

"We are going from hot to hotter days," he added.

According to the forecast published by the NCMS website, weather will be “fair but partly cloudy”.

Meanwhile, the outskirts of Al Ain city witnessed heavy winds accompanied by scattered showers on Thursday, reported ‘Al Bayan’.

Some in some areas billboards fell down in the impact of heavy winds.

The civil defence teams efficiently cleared the roads for motorists, by moving fallen billboards and trees immediately, said Lt. Col. Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Ansari, Director-General, Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi.


EARLIER REPORT: Dusty conditions to improve, temp may touch 49°C



The weather bureau in the UAE announced that dusty conditions which were prevalent for the last few days is set to improve with a change in wind direction.

"The Northwesterly winds will shift in direction," informed a spokesperson from ational Centre for Meteorology and Seismology [NCMS].

The temperatures will spike, with maximums ranging between 45-49 degree celsius, he added.

"We are going from hot to hotter days."

The humidity levels will also rise, adding that it could lead to fog or mist formation during the night, and mornings.

According to the forecast published by the NCMS website, weather will be  “fair but partly cloudy” today.

“Light to moderate winds, freshening at times during daytime.

“Relative humidity will increase during night and early morning times over some coastal areas, especially the western areas and mist may form.

“Moderate sea in the Arabian Gulf, and moderate, rough at times, in Oman sea.”

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