Weekend hail, thunderstorms to be followed by more rain in UAE


Hail and thunderstorms lashed parts of the UAE over the weekend, with the country’s weather bureau forecasting more rain for over the next 24 hours.

However, those expecting cooler climes ahead will be disappointed as the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has stated the Mercury is not likely to dip, with humidity levels climbing up to 95 per cent, with fog on the horizon.

Speaking with ‘Emirates 24|7’, a spokesperson for NCMS spoke about the weekend’s storm, stating the weather patterns was ‘normal’ for this time of year.

The spokesperson said: “On Friday, parts of Merghem experienced thunderstorms and even hail, close to the UAE-Oman border. The rainfall continued into Saturday, with parts of Al Ain city and areas such as Khatam Al Shakla, Umm Ghafa and Mezyad, all experiencing rainfall ranging between 0.5mm and 1.44mm.”

The NCMS further stated the towering clouds had extended from southern Oman to the south of Al Ain city, bringing showers to the area of the weekend; and the wet weather has yet to subside.

The NCMS added: “The easterly winds from the Oman Sea and the northwesterly winds from the Arabian Gulf have converged over land, giving rise to this weather pattern over the eastern mountains. These towering, low clouds will give rise to further cloud cover over the next 24 hours over the southeastern areas, giving rise to chances of further rainfall.”

The temperatures also expected to maintain its highs, with Saturday recording max of 46.6 degrees Celsius in Al Ruwais, with the Mercury expected hit highs of 47-48 degrees over the next few days.

“Humidity levels will also reach highs of 95 per cent, with a chance of fog expected over the western coastline on Monday morning, with Tuesday seeing foggy conditions spread to scattered areas over the northern and western parts of Dubai and the northern emirates,” the NCMS further added.

Fresh winds will also blow sand and dust over open areas over the next 24 hours.

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