Weekend weather: After sandstorm, it's fog

(Mustafa Kasmi)

The bad weather conditions have improved slightly over the weekend in the UAE, announced the weather bureau.

"NCMS (National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology) informs about slightly gradual improvement in the horizontal visibility," read their official tweet this morning.

The forecast for today, read, “Humid and dusty. Partly cloudy at times. Sea is very to very rough at times in the Arabian Sea and rough in Oman sea.

“There is a probability of fog for Saturday. There will be a slight rise in temperature. Sea will be rough to moderate by night in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough at times in Oman Sea.”

Talking to Emirates24|7, a spokesperson from NCMS said, “The intensity, however, will reduce gradually from Thursday evening up until Friday morning. It will still be partly cloudy, and the condition will continue on Saturday.”

He clarified that it is not a sandstorm, but an impact from the strong North Westerly winds.

“The strong winds are carrying the dust and sand,” he explained.

The visibility was greatly impacted, with “50 metres in Liwa” on Thursday. “It did lower substantially in many ‘open areas’.”

The NCMS had earlier issued a warning, advising residents to exert caution on the roads, and to avoid the beach due to the rough weather.

“The warning remains for the weekend. We advise those heading out to fish/surf not to venture out because the wave heights are significantly elevated.”

The official added that there will be a drop in temperature.

“It will dip by 5-7 degree Celsius. And, the maximum temperature will hit 33 degree Celsius.”

“The relative humidity will increase by night and early morning over some internal and coastal areas.”

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