What are speed grace margins for Dubai roads

Residents confused over supposed variations in place on different roads

Responding to residents’ confusion over speed limits and grace speed margins, Dubai Police has clarified that the grace speed limit is 20kmph on most roads in the emirate.

Most roads in the city of Dubai have a grace margin over an allowed speed limit for that road. This means that where the maximum speed on a road may be 100kmph, the radar will get you at just over 120kmph, for example.

Residents have been unsure about internal city roads such as Al Wasl Road or Beach Road where common understanding is that the grace speed limit is just 10kmph over and over the prescribed speed limit of 70kmph.

Elsewhere in the emirate, most roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road or Al Khail or Emirates Road allow for 20kmph over and above the notified speed limit.

“Because the maximum speed is the number appearing on the traffic boards along the road, the grace speed can only be found out through flirting with the speed radar. A little too much of advancement can easily result in a fine, at least,” says George KV.

“It’s good that the police has clarified the grace limit. I can now drive in a more relaxed manner and not have anxiety if I am over-speeding. Also, those who speed up between radars and slow down when one approaches, can now drive at a more regular pace,” he added.

S. Kumar, an Indian motorist tells that he always drives at a 70 kmph speed on Jumeirah Road, until his colleague told him that she passes the same road at a 90 kmph. “We had a discussion about the grace speed there. She told me that she had never been fined at that speed. But I was not sure enough to try the same.”

To make things more clear, the Traffic Department of Dubai Police clarified the speed limit and grace speed at  five major roads in Dubai; Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah Road, and Al Khail Road, with two different speed limits existing on Sheikh Zayed Road.

In response to the announcement of Abu Dhabi traffic authorities that the grace speed will gradually be reduced to be zero by the start of 2013, Colonel Zaif Mohayer AlMazroi furthermore clarified that no such measure has been discussed for the emirate of Dubai.



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