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Why 2,000 Filipinos were not allowed on UAE-bound flights

The Philippines Consulate in Dubai has alerted and advised overseas Filipino workers in the UAE against using fake or forged documents to visit the UAE in search of jobs or in the name of tourism.

A list of 25 agencies and their representatives who may have provided fake papers to sponsor family members or other visitors has been prepared and provided to Dubai Police for investigation, the Consulate officials said.

The consulate issued an alert against travelling using “spurious papers” because several hundred passengers were offloaded at the leading international airports in Cebu, NAIA International Airport Manila and Clark International Airports.

In 2015 alone, a total of 1,921 passengers were endorsed for secondary screening at the major international airport terminals.

Most of these passengers were later offloaded upon verification of their Affidavits of Support and Guarantees (ASG) and Official Receipts (ORs).

This is considerably higher than 780 passengers who were screened and found to be in possession of spurious documents by the Bureau of Immigration, Consulate officials said.

The Philippine Bureau of Immigration provided the Consulate General in Dubai its latest report on Filipino passengers bound for UAE who were endorsed for secondary screening following possession of questionable documents such as ASGs and DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) issued ORs.
An ASG is endorsed by a resident of UAE, claiming that s/he will support the visiting Filipino by providing accommodation and other support and ensure that the visitor will return to the home country before the expiry of the tourist visa.
The endorser also assures the authorities that s/he will ensure that the visiting Filipino does not indulge in any criminal activities.