Why Filipinos coming to Dubai cannot duck this egg ban

'Balut' on the internet. Credit: MaxMajestic @ Turkish Wikipedia

The Philippines Consulate in Dubai has issued an alert to the community to refrain from bringing balut, or cooked duck eggs from the Philippines.

In a note, the Consul General alerted community members that it is illegal to bring the much-loved Philippines delicacy to the UAE as a 'pasalubong' (gift) while returning from holidays.

“The Consulate General of the Republic of Philippines in Dubai and Northern Emirates would like to inform the public that it recently received several reports from various individuals regarding the confiscation of Philippine duck eggs (balut) upon entry into Dubai as pasalubong from the Philippines,” the public alert said.

“The entry of commercial and non-commercial quantities (for personal consumption) of balut into Dubai without the necessary customs and health certificates nay result to their confiscation by customs authorities and possible delay in immigration clearance of the bearers,” the Consulate alerted the public.

An object of culinary fascination in the Philippines, the dish is served by street vendors as well as star restaurants in that country, and various individuals have reported that the item has been confiscated at the airport.

Fertilised duck eggs is a popular food item closely linked to the food customs of many Asian countries, including the Philippines. Duck farming is like a cottage industry in the Philippines where many families grow the bird in their backyards.