Will you pay Dh45,000 for Google Glass? UAE seller believes so

Now you can buy a Google Glass in the UAE that is being sold on Dubizzle for more than 800 per cent its original prize.

The developer version of the Glass Glass Explorer – Grey edition is being advertised in the UAE for a massive Dh45,000 ($12,251) as against the original price of $1,500.

In comparison a user on eBay is auctioning it off at around $4,000.

Google started rolling out the Glass to developers earlier this year and plans to launch it in the open market in 2014.

Google had allowed interested developers to pre-order the device for testing and have distributed about 2,000 glasses.

It is also in the process of distributing the glasses to about 8,000 winners of #ifihadglass contest.

The possibilities are immense. Google itself introduced what the Glass does in its introduction last year.

A US based firm Infinity AR uploaded a video of what’s in store and it has become an instant hit with 1.6 million views in a matter of two months.

And this video of Alex Blaszczuk, a law student paralyzed from the chest down and unable to use her hands demonstrates how “With Glass, paralysis doesn’t have to be paralyzing.” 

While developers have been busy building Android-based apps for mostly web-based services, Google has promised to soon announce the Glass Development Kit (GDK) that can run directly on the Glass.

Just last week Google announced additional updates introducing Now Cards, Voice Commands and Video.

Now Cards enable a user with information such as dinner reservations, hotel bookings and concerts based on the confirmations in your email; find show times and movie information for nearby theaters and even assist you with emergency alerts, such as traffic and weather alerts and even live scores of your favorite sports.

Google has also added new voice commands such as “Post an update” for Path and “Take a note” for Evernote.

“Updates and notes are just the beginning; soon you’ll be able to use your voice to trigger all sorts of services. We’ll keep you posted (pun very much intended) as we roll out more,” a note on Google Plus said.






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