Window cleaning gear falls from 32-storey Tecom tower: No deaths, two hurt


UPDATE: Contrary to unofficial reports that the accident at Al Shaiba Tower A in Tecom had caused the death of one person, Dubai Police on Wednesday confirmed that no one had died, but two persons were injured.

One of the injured was a 34-year-old Pakistani working for Jaleel General Trading as a delivery truck driver. He suffered multiple fractures in both legs.

“He had a surgery on Tuesday and he is doing okay,” said an HR officer of Jaleel General Trading after visiting him in hospital.

“The doctor said he will probably be released from hospital in two weeks and may need another three to four months to recover,” the HR official said.

The driver had pulled up at the building to deliver fruit and vegetables to the supermarket in the building. “He was taking some of the stuff out of the truck while his colleague had entered the shop. When he came out, he found the driver lying on the ground,” he added.

Another person suffered a minor injury in the accident, confirmed Dubai Police. No details about this person are available at this point.

Several parties are currently investigating the accident, which was caused by the collapse of the equipment used for window cleaning. The equipment was being installed when the accident took place.


A window cleaning equipment snapped from the 34-storey Al Shaiba Tower A in Tecom, killing one person and leaving one person injured.

According to eye witnesses, the two passers-by were in the area to deliver fruits and vegetables.
"One of them tried to run away upon seeing the object falling down. He was hit while he was running," said a building employee.
While both men were taken to hospital immediately, the seriously injured man, a Pakistani, did not make it, according to unofficial sources.
The nationality of the injured person is not known yet.
The accident was caused by the collapse of a window-cleaning cradle, installed on the building.
According to the building management, the company was hired to install the equipment only. "They were attaching it to the building floor by floor. When they reached the 31st floor, it collapsed," said a building manager.
As a result, one balcony of an apartment on the 31st floor was hit, after which it plunged down.
"My wife and her father were at home when it happened. I was at work," said the Egyptian resident of the apartment. "She called me to say that there was a lot of glass and I had to come home. When I entered the apartment, I saw a huge hole in the wall. The entire balcony had come off."
Below the building, the damage is great. Five vehicles have been crashed, four of them are totally damaged. One of the vehicles is a truck belonging to the unfortunate delivery men.
"I was sitting on the terrace to drink a coffee while it happened. Suddenly I saw the object flying down. I took my coffee and I started running," said the Syrian Mahmoud Kattan (30), who works at Hair Fiesta, the hair salon under the building.
His colleague Ibrham (34) from Egypt had a day off, but was woken up by the loud sound of the collapse, as his apartment is located on the 34th floor. "I suddenly saw the object flying by my apartment window. The sound was crazy, I was in shock.”
Similarly, Bonita (36), a South African resident on the 32nd floor was shocked by the intense noise when the object fell down. "At first, I did not dare to come close to the apartment window. I heard that loud sound and then saw a cloud of dust. It was as if the building was going to collapse."
When she decided to take a look out of the window, she saw a body lying on the street. "At that point, he was moving his arm, he was still alive."
The accident took place just after 11am and Dubai ambulance and police personnel are still at the scene.
The area has been cordoned off, although residents are permitted to enter the building.


Window cleaning equipment fell from the 32-storey Al Shaiba Tower A in Tecom, injuring at least two people.

The equipment landed on a couple of passers-by, causing serious injury to one, Dubai Ambulance personnel told Emirates 24|7.

A supermarket staffer in the building said the seriously injured person was a Pakistani delivery boy who worked in the area.

Cars parked next to the building were also damaged., with at least four badly damaged. The area is still cordoned off.

The accident took place just after 11am and Dubai ambulance and police personnel are still on the scene.

"I suddenly heard a loud noise as if the building was falling apart," said Bonita Carr, a South African resident living on the 32nd floor.

"When I looked down the balcony, I saw something had fallen down."

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