Woman jumped from high-rise: Dubai Police

'Emarat Al Youm' carried this picture of victim, with the international media identifying her as 39-year-old Laura Vanessa Nunes.

Dubai Police confirmed on Monday that a South African woman had plunged to her death from a top floor of a high-rise in Dubai’s Downtown area.

They added that the tragic incident which was reported in Western media yesterday occurred in November 2014.

A Dubai Police official added that all the circumstances and medical records confirmed it was a suicide.

According to the Daily Mail, the victim was 39-year-old Laura Vanessa Nunes.

Dubai Police added that the victim’s mother had travelled to Dubai, and was handed over the body following the completion of all legal proceedings.

“The consul guided the mother of the victim and ensured she got all the necessary documents of the investigation and understood the circumstances of her death,” the security source added.

The security source denied any knowledge of the victim’s personal trauma that may have led to the tragic incident.

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