You can sponsor housemaid only if you have a maid's room

Adnan Al Hamady of Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department, confirmed that two attested certificates are needed to sponsor anyone on visa to UAE - the first is a rent contract attested by the Dubai Municipality or Ajman Municipality or Sharjah Municipality, depending on where you reside.

The rent contract must explain how many rooms are there and if there is a room for the housemaid or not, if applying for a housemaid visa.

The DNRD has details of sponsor's family, so it can determine the number of people who live in the house against the information on the number of rooms provided in the tenancy contract, he added.

The second paper needed as a sponsor is the water and electricity bill attested by the provider from the same emirate where the resident lives.

Hamad Hassan, Manager of the DNRD Director-General's office, told Emirates24|7 that if anyone wants to sponsor for visit or transit visa, then they
have to provide a copy of their passport with Visa page and certificate of salary and the attested rent contract and utility bills.

The same is the requirement for bringiing in house help such as houemaids, gardeners, drivers etc., he added.

A typing office representative said a photocopy of sponsor's and visitor's passports are also needed, one passport size photograph of the visitor and
Labour contract of the sponsor are also needed, for visit visas.

For housemaids, same is the requirement, plus the rent and utility bills. For one month's visit, the visa fee is Dh720. For three months, it is

The sponsor also has to pay a guarantee of Dh2,000, which is refundable after vistor has gone from the UAE.

For housemaid, work visa costs Dh270 and Dh2,000 guarantee after housemaid's visa is cancelled. When housemaid comes here, sposnor has to pay a fee of Dh5,000. Housemaid visas have a renewable validity of one year.


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