You can still hire a Filipina maid in Dubai for Dh900 - here's how

Who says Filipina maids are the most expensive in the country?

There are many agencies in the country offering maids from the Philippines for as low as Dh900 per month, which is less than what most labour supplying consulates have set for maids coming to work in the UAE.

Several calls to recruitment agencies in the business of supplying housemaids from the Philippines quoted a figure less than what is set as the minimum wage, even after repeated warnings from their consulate to stop such a practice.

The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) of the Philippines embassy in the UAE has warned that recruiters should not fail to protect deployed domestic workers.

“The obligation of a licensed recruitment agency to its hired OFWs does not end upon their deployment to the worksite.

"The recruitment agency has the continuous obligation to ensure protection of workers, especially domestic workers," read an announcement posted on the website.

Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) has also come out sternly against agencies offering lower salaries for maids.

The rule which stipulates a minimum wage of $400 (Dh1,468) for housemaids should be adhered to.

However, these rules fall on deaf ears.

Several agencies based in Garhoud, Deira and Hor al Anz offer maids for salaries from Dh900 to 1100 and they say the maids are happy to work for these wages.

“We have Filipinas for Dh900 per month. The agency fee is Dh8,500 which includes the cost of a one-way ticket. The visa cost will be borne by you,” said an executive at a labour agency.

“I know what my minimum salary should be but I get less than that,” Joana, a Filipina maid told this website.

However, she accepted the offer as she had no contacts in the UAE but is determined to come back at a higher salary after she finishes her current contract.

“I will finish my contract here, then go back to my country and come here again at a higher salary. I have many friends now who will help me and I will not go through an agency the next time,” she added.


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