Youth in search of room robs bachelors

Victims complain their laptops, mobiles and clothes are missing. (Shutterstock)

An Asian man is allegedly seeking sharing accommodation with bachelors in Abu Dhabi with the aim of robbing them.

An Abu Dhabi Police source has confirmed that following complaints from bachelors they have registered a case and investigations are on to catch the suspect.

A group of Indian bachelors, who work at a restaurant in  Mussafah, has complained that a young man who joined them a few days back is absconding and their valuables are missing.

They claim three laptops, two mobile phones, two cameras, bags, clothes and other items are missing.

Apparently, the suspect has left behind an experience certificate.

Siddique, one of the victims, said, the suspect had approached him in the restaurant saying that he was transferred from Sharjah and was in need of bed space.

He claimed to be working at an electronics shop in a mall in Abu Dhabi, he added.

Siddique said that they allowed him to share their room after obtaining a copy of his Emirates ID.

However, after three days he went missing and they discovered that their valuables were not in the room.

Another victim, Aneesh, said, “When I called him at 10 am he said he was in the room. All other residents are known to us… we never used to lock the room. 

He left the certificate on the bed and now there is no trace of him.”

The victims claim there are other bachelors in the area who were conned in similar manner.

Abu Dhabi Police source confirmed the incident and said that the suspect was not working with the electronics company that he claimed he was with.

Investigations are on to determine if the other robberies reported are also by the same person.


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