Exploding iPhone leaves boy with burns

Phone shattered into pieces while Harbi suffered from burns and injuries. (Sabq)

A Saudi boy's life was saved from getting serious injuries when his iPhone 6 exploded yesterday causing him first degree burns in his upper thigh.

The boy was rushed to hospital by his parents and was given the necessary treatment.

According to the boy's father, he bought the iPhone 6 for his son in the beginning of Ramadan from one of the electronic shops in Al Jebeel area, and the salesman assured to him that the phone was original and not fake.

According to the boy's family, he was with them when the iPhone 6 exploded.

He kept the phone in his sports shorts pocket, and suddenly, the phone exploded and parts of the phone flew away tearing his sports shorts and causing him first degree burns.

This incident cause mixed reaction among social media users.

One lady said that her iPone 6 is new, but whenever she charges her phone it gets overheated. After hearing about this boy's story, she feared that it might also explode one day and suspected that it may have problems and might not be original.

Another man said that what happened to this boy must be bad eye, and because his friends envied him.

Many other teenage social media users said that they don't mind even if the iPhone explodes and they want it, and they even hastaged their parents and friends to get it for them.

Large numbers of viewers said this iPhone must be fake and no way it is original. They also advised people to avoid buying mobile phones from electronic shops and always buy them from the main dealers.

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