Filipina delivers baby girl in-flight over India

A 27-year-old Filipina gave birth to a baby girl during flight while in India’s airspace on her way home from Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and decided to name her Victoria.

Salima Goodaman said she had expected to deliver next month but that she went in labour after boarding the Saudia flight from the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah en route for Manila, the Saudi Sabq newspaper reported.

It said the girl weighed around 3 kg at birth and that crew members suggested that she names her daughter Saudia, adding that she refused and opted for Victoria.
The paper quoted a Philippine aviation official as saying most airlines refuse to let women in their late pregnancy periods to board flights but added that some women wear loose dresses to conceal their bulging belly.

“Salima gave birth aboard Saudi flight number 872 while the plane was crossing the Indian airspace on Tuesday,” the paper said, adding that both the mother and the daughter were in good health.
Child killed by her dad’s wife

Kuwaiti police arrested a Moroccan woman on charges of killing her Jordanian husband’s six-year-old daughter by systematically beating her.
Police investigating the girl’s death two days ago were told by doctors at the hospital in Kuwait City that the girl had bruises on her body and head.

The woman later confessed to beating the girl and tests showed the victim was also hit by a large “rice spoon” on the head nearly two weeks before death.

“Systematic beating by her father’s wife led to fluid congestion in her head, which the doctors said resulted in her death…the factor admitted he knew his wife beat his daughter,” the Kuwait daily Al Watan said.

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