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22 June 2024

Five top strange reasons for divorce in Saudi

Couple have been married for nearly 12 years. (Shutterstock)

By Mahra S.

Some couples in Saudi Arabia ended their relationships for strange reasons this year. From height of the groom and WhatsApp messages to kissing camel, being fat and wearing coloured contact lenses were among some of the bizarre reasons cited by couples who sought divorce.

Here are five strangest cases that went viral on social media…

1. Short husband

A newly-married Saudi woman in her early twenties, filed for divorce in Al Qateef district court as she did not like her husband’s height.

She told the court that they were married for just seven months, but she couldn’t accept the way people looked at her and her husband in public areas.

She claimed that she was sick of the funny jokes her friends and family made about the difference in their height and thus she wanted to end the marriage.

2. WhatsApp group

A Saudi husband divorced his wife following an argument between him and his wife’s brother on the family WhatsApp group.

The husband was part of the family group comprising his wife’s brother and several other male cousins. One day following an argument between the husband and his wife’s brother the latter deleted the husband from the group.

This angered the husband, who divorced his wife in revenge and kicked her out of the house.

3. Favorite camel

A simple joke between a husband and wife ended their marriage when the wife told the husband that she liked her father’s camel more than him.

The husband couldn’t accept what she said and took her to her father’s farm and divorced her in front of the camel.

4. Fat

In yet another strange case, a woman said, “keep quite fat” referring to her husband.  The husband was embarrassed as his mother was present and heard his wife call him ‘fat’. He also did not like the manner in which his wife said it. So he decided to divorce his wife in front of his mother in order to regain his self-respect.

5. Colored contact lenses

A Saudi man divorced his wife one month after their marriage because the woman used coloured contact lenses. The man asked his wife to stop wearing them as he believed that was not the right way to enhance beauty. He said that her act showed that she was not raised in a good way and she needed someone to teach her good manners again. The wife’s family tried to solve the issue, but the wife did not like what her husband said, and their marriage ended.

Several social media users are of the opinion that several youngsters enter into marriage without being aware of the real meaning of the relationship.

Omar, a Saudi man, said that these reasons prove how silly both men and women can be when they get angry.

“All these reasons are a joke. None of them is serious enough to end relationships. People should be more aware of the importance of marriage before tying the knot,” he added.

Mubarak, another Saudi man, said that in majority of cases, the wife is the victim of men’s arrogance. “Most of them are young, and I believe that it is important to get proper and positive family involvement in marriage before seeking divorce.”