Fresh fish flow in UAE dries up; prices skyrocket

A file image of the new Sharjah fish market. (VM Sathish)

The price of fish has shot up in the UAE due to summer, fish dealers told Emirates 24|7.

The flow of fresh fish has dried out due to high temperature and humidity, according to fish market vendors in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

Summer is in any case a season when the catch reduces and this season the supply of fresh fish in the UAE has come down substantially.

“The price of sardines has gone up from Dh10 for 3kg to Dh50 for 4kg,” said a fish vendor in Dubai.

The price of another commonly sold fish, mackerel, has crossed Dh30 per kg and for king fish, the price is Dh50 per kg.

“There is no fish available for the restaurants as well. The vendors are saying they are not getting fresh fish and we have stopped giving fish fry at night. The fish market is getting dry,” said Noushad, Manager at Zulfiqar Restaurant in Ajman, near the fish market.

Vegetables prices have also gone up due to the end of harvest season in the UAE. The cost of tomatoes has gone up to Dh7 per kg, from Dh3 - Dh4 earlier.