RTA, Abu Dhabi pact on fines collection

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a joint cooperation pact with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City regarding the collection of fines in respect of tickets issued by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to Dubai-licenced vehicles, where the details of these vehicles will be electronically transmitted to the RTA in a process that is bound to save time and effort of both customers and the concerned entities.

The agreement was signed in RTA Head Office in the presence of the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Ahmed Bahrozyan, and the Acting Executive Director of Municipal Services Sector, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Owaidah Al Qubaisi, as well as several other officials from both parties.

"This cooperation comes in the context of our mission to nurture a safe driving environment in the community, and enhance customers' experience through adopting world-class innovative standards," said Bahrozyan.

"This accord is part and parcel of agreements made with various government entities of the UAE in order to facilitate the processing of transactions for customers such that RTA service centers will collect the fines pertinent to offences made by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and issue monthly electronic reports to the Municipality for perusal," he added.

"According to the agreement, RTA Licensing Agency is committed to develop specific programs relating to the exchange of offences through using Web Services, and collecting the fines issued by the staff of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and transmitted via e-mails to RTA service centers, in which case the fines will be levied and the proceeds fully credited to the bank account of the Municipality," added the CEO of Licensing Agency.

For his part Owaidah Al Qubaisi, Acting Executive Director of Municipal Services Sector, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, praised this cooperation which he says, "Reflects the keen attention of the UAE government entities to make such agreements that help sort out problems in the interest of customers first, and contribute to the diffusion and compliance with the principles of transparent '&' speedy processing of transactions. The agreement will also be of benefit to both parties as it will put an end to the long-running loose offences." "This fruitful cooperation with the RTA is in itself a sort of integration, particularly as it is geared to a dynamic system and a development mechanism that keeps abreast of the development drive. The Municipality stands ready to cooperate with all bodies and the public in the context of its Vision '&' Mission of ensuring a superior quality of life and a sustainable environment for Abu Dhabi residents," said Al Qubaisi.

"According to the agreement, the Municipality will enter and send electronically issued offences directly via e-mail to the RTA pending the establishment of an e-link and an enhanced cooperative platform with the RTA to sort out any issues that might crop up during the collection process, while we remain committed to maintain a hotline with the RTA through the service-provider, Etisalat," he added.

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