Tawazun to issue tender for 8x8 vehicles

The General Headquarters (GHQ) of the UAE Armed Forces has announced mandating Tawazun Holding to award a contract for procurement and manufacturing 8X8 military vehicles.

Under the mandate, Tawazun will issue a tender, calling on different companies to submit their bids for the project. A joint committee with representatives from GHQ and Tawazun will be formed to evaluate, assess and supervise the contract awarding process.

The mandate comes as part of the GHQ's drive to support national investments, to provide job and career development opportunities for the UAE nationals and to benefit from Tawazun Holding's vast experience in the industrial and manufacturing fields.

Tawazun, for its part, expressed gratitude for the GHQ's move and expressed determination to utilize its resources, capabilities, expertise and best practices in order to ensure successful implementation of this project.

Tawazun revealed that it had already started preparing for this strategic project through implementation of special training programmes for UAE nationals, in collaboration with prominent local and international educational institutions.

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