Hotel staff testify in dead Briton case

Lee Bradley Brown was arrested for allegedly attacking a housekeeper at Burj Al Arab Hotel (PICTURE COURTESY: EMARAT AL YOUM)

The Dubai Public Prosecutor Essam Al Humaidan has announced that investigations into the death of British citizen Lee Bradley Brown are still underway.

The Dubai Public Prosecution has heard testimony from a female staff member working at the Burj Al Arab Hotel saying that Lee Brown verbally and physically assaulted her before being taken into preventive custody.

In an announcement from the Dubai Government Media Office, the Dubai Public Prosecutor reported that the witness said that she was preparing to clean one of hotel suites when the Brown suddenly started screaming at her using indecent language.

He then pulled her by her hair across the hall and tried to push her from the hotel balcony before a group of hotel employees subdued him after violent resistance. The witness suffered bruises on her back, arm and chin.

The Public Prosecution also heard testimony from a staff waiter who was cleaning one of the rooms when he heard screaming.

He dashed out to see the accused leaning in acorner and pulling the hair of the victim - who was on the floor crying - with one hand and holding her leg with his other hand. The waiter managed to release the victim from the increasingly agitated accused.

In their testimony at the hearing, police patrol officers who detained the accused said that he resisted arrest violently and was unusually hysterical.

The officers urged the accused to calm down before he twice tried to break loose and jump from the balcony.

The police officers managed to control the accused and escort him to the patrol car. Once inside, the accused continuously hit the metal mesh barrier with his hands.

The Public Prosecution also heard testimony from the police officers who escorted the accused to the Public Prosecution building for questioning.

The accused, who used harsh and indecent language with the officers, was extremely violent and caused damage to public property. He banged his head against the wall and suffered a nose injury beforehe fell face-down in violent resistance.

The Dubai Public Prosecutor has confirmed that forensic analysis on the body reported irregular bruising on the left side of the forehead, as well as bruising on the nose and on the inner arm.

Superficial and irregular cuts were seen onthe lower chin, with friction burns evident on the right eyebrow, lower jaw and the back of his hands. A rectangle-shaped friction mark that may have been caused by an iron shackle was also apparent.

The nature of the injuries mentioned in thereport indicates blunt force trauma and friction burns caused by solid bodies or objects - some with coarse surfaces - which may have been caused by frequent falls to the ground.

The injuries appear to have been incurred about four to five days prior to the time of death.

Additionally, the marks under the wrists and below the left hand are consistent with those caused by iron shackles.

All injuries are considered minor and are not known to cause death. The report continues to highlight the absence of inflicted injuries or apparent illness leading to the demise of the accused.

Suffocation due to vomit obstructing therespiratory tract was specified as the main cause of death.

Al Humaidan reiterated that the Dubai Public Prosecution takes seriously all charges alleging the abuse of public authority, including the physical abuse of detainees or prison inmates. He further emphasised that no one above the rule of the law.

Earlier on Monday, the Dubai Public Prosecution met with the deceased's parents and allowed them to view and claim the body along with his personal effects.

The Dubai Public Prosecution reiterated that investigations are still underway.

Second autopsy being
conducted on British tourist

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