In Saudi Arabia, don’t spill food on a woman…

A Saudi man who had an argument with a woman at an open-air food outlet in the Gulf Kingdom had apparently not realized he could heavily pay for cleaning a small stain on her clothes after he threw sauce on her.

The 31-year-old woman and her brother approached the vendor in the western town of Makkah and asked two other customers to just make way, prompting an angry reaction from one of the two men.

But the girl’s reaction was even angrier as she raised her hand and tried to slap the man. He quickly grabbed her hand and threw the plate of Balila (boiled chickpeas in sauce) on her dress.

“A scuffle was about to start between the two men and the woman’s brother…passers by phoned the police, who came and took the four away,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said on Wednesday.

“At the police centre, the girl asked for SR15,000 ($4,000) damages to drop the case but the man offered SR5,000 ($1,333)…after the two parties insisted on their position, they were referred to the prosecution.”

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