Indian faces jail for fake degree stamp

Shipra Gurung, 26-year-old Indian, has been charged with faking the attestation of, and forging, documents.

Gurung now faces six months in prison in the UAE.

According to a 7Days report, Gurung claimed in court that her university degree certificate was attested with a fake stamp without her knowledge.

The incident came to light when she submitted her papers to an employer in November 2009.

Her previous employer lost her certificates and she then had to apply for a new one from her university in India.

Gurung says she took the help of a friend for attestation by a third-party agent in India.

When Gurung took it to the Sharjah Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was informed that the stamp on her degree was fake and she was taken to the police.

After several court appearances, Gurung was told that she is free to go and her passport was returned.

But in February 2011, immigration officers stopped her at the airport and she was told there is still a case pending against her. Her passport was seized.

She claims to have provided all the additional documents asked for by the Indian Consulate.

Gurung’s sister adds, “She’s a victim, not a culprit.”

The appeal to the Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi has been refused as the appeal window has passed.

A verdict is expected next month.

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