Indian group helps repatriate prisoners

The Indian Community Welfare Committee (ICWC) in Dubai says it has managed to repatriate 10 of the 13 Indian prisoners in the UAE with just one fifth of the estimated Dh2.5million.

A senior official of ICWC told Emirates24|7 the cases of two other prisoners would be solved within the next two weeks. “With about Dh500,000 we have managed to send home ten of the thirteen Indians languishing in prisons across Dubai and the Northern Emirates, despite having completed their sentences,” said K Kumar, Convenor of ICWC.

The ICWC had last August identified 13 prisoners, mostly involved in traffic accidents or similar offences. According to Kumar, ICWC has managed to cut costs by mostly negotiating with the relatives of the victims.

“Only one case is turning out to be bit problematic, but we have not given up hope. We are working towards finding a solution to his case as well,” he added.

So far the association has managed to successfully handle about 35 cases.

While in some cases the full amount had to be settled, the others were solved through negotiations with the victim’s family, whereby they settled for lower amounts and out-of-court settlements.

Kumar had earlier said that he might require a maximum of Dh2.6m to repatriate the 13 prisoners.

According to him various community based organisations, have also contributed towards the effort.

Meanwhile the Dubai government’s Community Development Authority yesterday launched a registration drive to register the various community organizations that have been operating under the ICWC and the Indian Association.

There are more than 60 odd Indian community based associations and organizations functioning in Dubai alone but have not been officially recognised so far.

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