Jailed old woman and killer son beg for pardon

A 70-year-old Saudi woman and her young son, jailed for murdering a relative, are begging for help to persuade the victim’s father to pardon them and save her son from the gallows.

Waala has been in prison in the southern province of Aseer for nearly four years after she was convicted of complicity with her 22-year-old son, who shot dead his cousin after accusing the man of raping him.

Negotiations with the victim’s father, who is Waala’s brother, for the payment of diya (bloody money) have failed and the father is now insisting on Qasas (death sentence) against his nephew.

“I appeal for all those who can help us to let my mother out of jail and save my brother from death,” Waala’s daughter, Umm Ali, said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Sabq.

“This case has deprived us from our mother and brother…we urge the benevolent people to support us as we are eight sisters and two brothers, including one in prison…we appeal for all to help us achieve a reconciliation with our uncle to get a pardon.”

Sabq did not say how many years Waala has been sentenced in jail nor did it make clear when Mohammed would be executed.

“Every time I visit my mother in prison, I am deeply upset because she is an old woman who needs care,” said her son, Saeed. “I appeal for my uncle to forgive my brother and mother.”

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