Jobs in UAE: Sharjah hiring 800 temporary staff

Recruits are wanted by the Sharjah Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD) to work as part of the team for the Sharjah Census 2015 beginning in October under the theme, ‘For a better tomorrow’.

The department will appoint 800 researchers, supervisors and collaborators of any nationality to work in temporary positions for either 30 or 80 days. They will collect statistical data and conduct interviews with families and count the number of establishments in the emirate.

Candidates must have completed secondary education and have a school leaving certificate as well as being competent with smart devices. Researchers must be 22 or over and supervisors 25 or over.

The researcher contract is for approximately 30 days starting from November 26, with 20 days for training and the remaining 20 days for field work. They will work for nine hours a day, six days a week with all tasks being in the field, including data collection from homes and interviewing families to collect data about their members.

Supervisors will be employed for 80 days, starting from October 11 and will including 30 days of training.

They will work in the field for nine hours a day, six days a week, and be assigned to collect data about buildings, residences and commercial establishments. Their duties also include supervising researchers and conducting interviews with families.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah said, "The department is eager to select the best possible candidates for these roles and we will provide the necessary training for them.

“The aim is to ensure the completion of the Sharjah Census 2015 in the best possible way. The data will assist decision makers in drawing up policies and planning for development projects that cater to the needs of everyone in the emirate."

Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani called on anyone in Sharjah and the UAE who is qualified, to apply for these jobs and contribute to the success of the census, adding that contribution to the success of the census is a national duty and social responsibility of emirati citizens, residents and investors.

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