Know your worth: How much do doctors get paid in the UAE?

Healthcare professionals seem to beat all odds in the UAE. Firstly, being a recession-proof industry, doctors did not see redundancies or job cuts. Secondly, the country is faced with a shortage of doctors and could easily absorb many healthcare professionals in the country.

According to figures released by the Saudi German Hospital-Dubai, the industry in the country faces a shortage of doctors and the number could go up to 12,920 by 2014.

Going back to the basics of demand and supply, this translates into bigger salary and pay packages for doctors in the UAE.

If we compare the figures of Hays, an international recruitment company, salaries of doctors in the UAE have gone up substantially over the past one year, when other industries were crying fowl of no increments and no bonuses.

Last year’s figures of Hays, shows the average salary of a starting GP to be between Dh18,000 and Dh30,000 with housing and transport allowance.

This year, the salary of this category of professionals has gone up to Dh25,000–30,000. This means a GP working in the UAE got a hike of more than 35 per cent beating any kind of crisis.

Similarly, a general practitioner, who made Dh25000-35000 last year saw his personal income go up to Dh30,000-40,000.

Consultant doctors get a plum salary of Dh73,000-Dh95,000 with profit sharing options whereas CEOs of large hospitals get paid an average salary of Dh100,000–150,000 per month with big yearly bonuses.

“According to the input of UAE medical practitioners on our online remuneration benchmarking platform, associate specialists receive an average of up to Dh10,420, medical consultants receive an average of up to Dh39,560 and general practitioners receive an average of up to Dh26,236. However, salaries vary largely from one institution to another and also according to the academic and professional background of the person in question as salaries of doctors particularly depend to a very large extent on the certificates and the higher degrees they hold, in addition to their years of experience in the field and their specific areas of specialty and expertise,” a recruitment expert told 'Emirates24|7' on the condition of anonymity.

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