Livestock killed in strange attack

Dozens of sheep were found dead, while several were injured as unidentified animals attacked them overnight in Khorfakkan, breeders have confirmed.

According to Arabic daily Al Bayan, the sheep owners were shocked when they found their animals killed and injured apparently by a strange animal.

Curiously, the animals have left no trace of them and the wounds found on their body hardly resemble the signs of the known predators like wolf, fox or dogs.

According to the breeders’ description, the killed animals only a red circle of blood on the neck and on some parts of body for injured animals, which indicated that the predators are bloodsuckers.

Reports indicated that around 20 animals were killed in some areas while more killed in others, indicating that the attack was not confined to one particular location.

The breeders insist that they have never seen such an attack before, however, they confirm that they heard of these from t heir parents, which is called Al Sawta by local people.

Abdullah Suleiman Al-Kabory, Head of Public Relations at Khorfakkan Municipality said that the experts in the Department of Public Health and Environment are investigating the incident after receiving several complaints.

The municipality is carrying out a survey of the livestock market and inspecting the site of the attacks. The experts are carrying out tests on the infested and dead sheep to determine the attackers.

Preliminary results have hinted at a dog attack, however, more details would be revealed once the investigation is complete.

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