Luxury car owners caught begging in Dubai

Men with their presumed families move in luxury cars and ask for money to buy petrol. (Shutterstock)

Luxury car owners were among scores of people caught begging in Dubai, taking advantage of the fasting month of Ramadan.

“We have observed different types of beggars in Ramadan, including those who claim illness or poverty,” said Brigadier Ahmed bin Galeetha, director of Qusais police station.

“We have also found men with their presumed families moving in luxury cars and asking for money to buy petrol, claiming they have come from distant places or other countries and need to return home,” he told Emarat Alyoum daily.

He said 19 beggars were arrested in his area this year and 47 last year, adding that those who beg in luxury cars are mere impostors.”The problem is that the people do not expect those beggars to be impostors,” he said.