Man arrested for torturing sons

Saudi police arrested a local police man for severely torturing his two sons, using his fists and kicks, hot objects, and lashing with power cables and belts, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Waleed, 4, and his seven-year-old brother, Abdul Rahman, were both admitted to hospital in serious condition, with bruises and burns all over their bodies. Waleed has also developed renal failure and is having difficulty moving the lower part of his body.

Police said bruises on the boys’ wrists also showed their father, who had divorced his wife, had been tying them up while torturing them.

“Doctors told us that Abdul Rahman is having difficulty moving the lower part of his body…he is also suffering from severe renal failure and dehydration…he could live or die at any moment,” said colonel Mubarak Al Aqabi, head of the criminal police in the northwestern town of Tabuk, where the father and his two sons live.

“As for Waleed, he is suffering from burns and bruises on his back…it is clear he had been tortured by hot objects or a furnace.”

Aqabi, quoted by local newspapers, said the father had first denied he had beaten up and tortured his children.

“We discovered the case when the little boy was admitted to hospital after he felt severe pains in his body…doctors suspected that he had been tortured and informed us,” he said.

“We summoned his father, who denied any responsibility and blamed it on his other son…when we saw Abdul Rahman, his condition was not any better than his young brother’s condition.”

Aqabi said their father had been arrested, adding that his new wife had also admitted he was torturing his sons.

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