Man pays with his life for having long hair

A Jordanian man in Saudi Arabia died a week after he was admitted to hospital following a thrilling chase of him by the police because of his long hair. His mystery death has already triggered controversy while his father is blaming the police.

Hassan 28, had run off as he was chased by members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice because of his long hair. In the end, they seized him, took him to the hair cutter and brought him back to their office.

A few hours later, Hassan was rushed by an ambulance to hospital in the southern town of Khamis Mushait. A week later, he died.

Commission members said Hassan hit his head while he was running away after falling down from a four-metre-high wall. But their story was rebuffed by his father, who said they killed his son.

“My son was forced to have a hair cut before he was taken back to their office….there he was severely beaten until he lost consciousness…he was then taken to hospital,” the father, Nabil Hamid, said in a letter published by Alwatan daily on Wednesday.

The paper said Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of the southern province of Asir has ordered the formation of a committee to investigate Hassan’s death. It said it tried to contact the Commission’s chairman but that he refused to comment.

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