Manly walk exposes womanly disguise

A Jordanian man who objected to his father’s decision to allow his sister to go to the university bought a female gown and covered his face and hands before going into that university to “closely watch”

his sister. The disguise worked for nearly a week before his “manly walk” exposed his trick and pushed him into police hands. 

While in disguise, the brother tailed his sister everywhere inside the university in Amman, including the main hall, corridors, the coffee shop and even the class room. 

“He then started to mix with other female students to ask them about his sister…his trick worked for nearly a week before some girls noticed that the way the presumed girl walks is not a womanly walk,”

Alsousana newspaper said. 

“They informed the university security, who grabbed the presumed girl…during investigation; they discovered that she is a man.” 

The paper said the man later admitted to the police that he had done just to watch his sister not for any other purpose. “Police were convinced and let him go.”


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