Mum dumps infant in garbage

An Asian woman who got pregnant after an affair with a man from her country dumped her infant in the garbage in Ras Al-Khaimah but he was later found alive by another woman.

An Asian woman found the boy on top of the garbage in the emirate and went to the police, who rushed the baby to the hospital where he was examined and treated, Emirat Alyoum newspaper said.

“Examination of the baby revealed that his mother is Asian…after search and investigation, we found that the mother had lived in Abu Dhabi illegally and was hiding in Al-Ain after dumping her baby,” the paper quoted Brigadier Abdullah Al Hadidi, director of the police operations in Ras Al-Khaimah, as saying.

“We coordinated with the Abu Dhabi police and succeeded in seizing the woman, who confessed to having an illegal relationship with a man from the same country and dumping her infant in garbage.”

He said the unnamed woman told police that she had tried many times to abort the baby but failed.

“I am surprised that mothers abandon their babies in such an inhuman and immoral way just because they are a result of an illegitimate relationship,” he said.

“But I tell all that in the UAE, it is no longer possible to commit a crime and get away with it.”

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