New sensors put brakes on speeding taxis

Mechanism grants 60 seconds to driver to reduce speed to the allowable limit

The RTA’s Public Transport Agency has confirmed since last year’s roll out of the ‘Aman’ speed sensors on its fleet of taxis, the monthly average of over speeding fines have dropped from 650 to 200 fines.

The RTA is now undertaking the study to roll out the speed sensors across its entire fleet of taxis to curb reckless driving.

A special GPS system will also focus on Dubai’s internal roads that will ensure that taxis will adhere to the speed limits based on its location.

CEO of RTA Dr Yousif Al Alis said: “The Aman project has been very successful since its initial launch last year, with the monthly average of fines that ranges between 600-650 for overspeeding across the fleet having now dropped to just 200 fines per month.

“The target now is to install a speed limit sensor in every taxi across the PTA fleet with a study currently underway to ensure that every internal road limit is also adhered to with project based on locating mapping with the aid of GPS coordinates of each vehicle.”

While no date has been set for the roll out of the of this plan, the PTA states it should be implemented by next year.
The Aman system operates in a flexible escalation mechanism that grants 60 seconds to the driver to reduce the speed to the allowable limit.

With the speed limit at 120kmph on certain highways, taxis will be sent alerts if they cross the 20kmph grace limit.

In case the driver does not notice the grace period, the system gives an alert sound.

In case of the driver’s non-response, a ticket is to be issued for violating the allowed speed limits by taxis.

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