New underwear exposes hubby's second wife

A Palestinian woman who became suspicious of her husband went to the police and told them he leaves home every day and returns with different underwear.

When police in the West Bank investigated the shocked man, they were themselves surprised after he divulged his secret.

He told the police that he had been sacked from work for nearly a year and had to have a second wife, a rich woman who had been after him for a long time.

“The man said he was spending most of the day with his second wife, who was paying him the same salary he had from work plus some allowances,” newspapers said, quoting a report in Sayyidati news network.

The man he had not though his first wife would notice the changing underwear, according to the newspapers, which did not specify the wife’s reaction.(STAFF)

Argument over stinky feet leads to stab attack

Authorities say an argument over stinky feet touched off a fight involving a knife that ended with one man injured and the other jailed.
Richmond County sheriff's Lt. Blaise Dresser says 56-year-old Darryl Harris accused his roommate, 61-year-old Crawford Jackson, of having stinky feet.
The Augusta Chronicle reports that the complaint led to the fight late Monday night at the men's home on Cedar Street.
Authorities say Jackson grabbed a small knife and jabbed it three times into Harris' stomach and cut his finger. Police described the injuries as minor.
Jackson was been booked into the Richmond County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime. Jail records did not indicate whether he has an attorney in the case.(AP)

Half-naked man stalks 3-year-old in playground

MIAMI: A half-dressed man was caught stalking a little girl of about 3 years in a public playground in Miami. The man also passed lewd comments to the child. The mother was terrified when she saw the half naked man wearing only a pair of boxer shorts hovering near her daughter, reports NY Daily News.

The man supposedly harrassed another family spending time in the playground before police officers were summoned to take the stalker away.

The terrified mother told the police that the man exposed himself to her toddler and made a sickening remark.

Officials allegedly found bath salts on the man, similar to those drugs suspected of fueling a crazed face-chewing attack on a North Miami causeway over Memorial Day weekend.
Baby drowns in bath while mum drinks with neighbour

BRITAIN: While a woman took a 45-minute break from babysitting a one-year-old child, the toddler who was abandoned in a bath tub filled with water, drowned to death.

Emergency services were called to the house after the boy was found lifeless in the water, reports Daily Mail. The woman was arrested after the police officers got suspicious that she reeked of alcohol.

The woman pleaded guilty on manslaughter charges, however she clarified that she did consume wine but was not drunk at the time of the incident.

The 24-year-old woman was in charge of the toddler in Surrey when she took time out to share a drink with her neighbour and put her charge in clear danger.

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