Newborn abandoned by parents and surrogate mum

Alexa and the baby boy who has now been handed over to his biological parents. (YouTube)

A newborn child was abandoned by both his parents as well as surrogate mother after the relationship between them went sour.

Surrogate mother Alexa shared her tale on ABC’s show.

Alexa had stepped in to bear the child of her relatives after she saw the couple struggling to have a baby.

As per the deal, the couple was supposed to bear the expenses, but cut all communications post the first trimester.

Situation worsened to a point where Alexa considered aborting the child during the sixteenth week but was informed it was too late.

The couple agreed to pay two-third of $8,300 but Alexa refused to sign the hand over until the expenses were paid in full.

After the baby was born last week it was not clear whom the little boy would be handed over to.

ABC argues that the current surrogacy laws can leave all parties relying on goodwill which needs to be reformed.