No ban on pet dogs in JLT master community

DMCC says OAs can frame their own rules on pets

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the master developer of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), says it has no plans to ban house pets in the master community, but owners associations will have the right to impose restrictions in their buildings if they seek to, Emirates 24/7 can reveal.

"DMCC has developed comprehensive Master Community Rules which include, but is not limited to the regulations related to owning pets within the Community, as well as in relation to Buildings Interface. These rules are in their final form, having been extensively reviewed and are pending final approval for implementation,” a DMCC spokesperson said.

“DMCC is working closely with the owners associations and sub-developers to educate the residents of behaviours that could negatively impact the unique experience of living and working in JLT. Once DMCC finalises the master community rules, it will communicate it to the residents," she added.

The response came after some residents told this website that the master developer was planning to ban house pets especially dogs. A few master communities have banned dogs in Dubai or put in place a number of regulations, forcing dog owners to move to newer communities or opt for small, but independent villas.
Ahmed B, who stays in one of the towers in JLT with his two dogs, admits that he has some problem with his neighbours but he ensures that he cleans his dog waste whenever he takes them out on a stroll.

“We know there are a few who neglect their duty… their lack of responsibility will in turn may affect us,” he added.

Although Janet S, an owner of an apartment in JLT, says she has nothing against dog owners, but feels that a few are not concerned to even pick up their dog waste.

When contacted, members of the owners association of her building refused to comment on the issue, but clarified that had not taken any decision on banning dogs.

Janet believes that if dog owners fail to take responsibility and keep cleanliness, then OAs will be forced to take some harsh decisions.

A JLT resident recently posted the following rules for dog owners in the master community:

-All dogs must be kept on a leash and under a competent handler’s immediate and effective control at all times within the master community.

-All dog waste deposited on the master community must be immediately and completely collected by the person in charge of the animal and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner.

-Community user pet owners are fully responsible for their pets at all times and any damage, including damage to master community landscaping and facilities, and any injury to any person or damage to their property, and any nuisance caused by their pets will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

-Pets shall not be kept on balconies; no community user shall inflict or cause, by act or omission, any cruelty to any pet or other animal and including leaving a pet unattended, regardless of length of time, within or upon or secured to any vehicle or structure within the common use facilities or the parking structures.

-Community user pet owners are required to keep the pet clean and the habitat of the pet clean and hygienic.

-No community user pet owner will permit their pet to cause unreasonable noise or a nuisance, disturbance or threat affecting the master community or other community users.
As of May, JLT has 58 completed towers including 27 residential, seven mixed-use, 22 commercial towers and two hospitality towers.

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