Office staff help send Nepali office boy home


Latest: Shekar (name changed), who works as an office boy in a Sharjah company, has lost contact with his family in Nepal’s Nuwakot Kakani since last evening.

"I did speak to my family, and they said they were safe, but I haven’t been able to reach them after. There is no power,” he said.

Shekar said he lost everything, and his house was flattened by the quake. His family told him that five people in his village died in the quake.

His company officials were busy were collecting money to contribute to his journey home and for relief for his family. “We are looking at tickets through Jet Airways to Bagdogra, because we hear the Kathmandu airport is not fully functional.”

Reena (name changed) is another Nepali, who works as a nanny in a Dubai home, who was in Nepal on her annual leave. She had reach Kathmandu on Sunday, as she had to fly back to Dubai on Monday.

Her employer has decided to delay her journey back by a few days so that she could get in touch with her family.

She added that it is tough for people to connect because there is “no power and the mobile networks are down” in most areas.

The Nepali expatriate community in the UAE is extremely fearful and worried about the deadly earthquake that hit the Himalayan country on Saturday mid-morning.

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal destroying buildings in Kathmandu and surrounding areas, with casualty numbers feared to cross 2,000 people. The epicentre was 80 kilometres north-west of Kathmandu, the United States Geological Survey said. 

An Eppco petrol station car wash attendant is desperate to rush home after his home was damaged and his relatives reported missing.

Narayanan Khadka, a car wash attendant in Al Qusais said his entire village is affected and his house is totally destroyed. “My father is missing and my house is gone. Many of my Nepali friends here say either their houses are damaged or some relatives dead.

“I was chatting with my wife but all of a sudden the line got disconnected at around 11.56am. “Everything is damaged in my village.”

Narayan hails from Angaputar village in Nuvakot district of Nepal.

Nepal's UAE call centre

Netra Bahadur Thapa, Deputy Head of Missions at the Nepali Embassy in Abu Dhabi told Emirates 24|7 that thay have set up a helpline and anybody in need of help could call him on 050 8180280.  "This is one of the worst disasters we are facing, " said Thapa.

Some safe, some missing

Narayanan is saddened by the disappearance of his father, Laxman Khadkka, but his 11-month-old baby and wife are safe.

“My mother’s relatives are missing and almost every Nepali in our accommodation have some sad story to share.

“There is no electricity in Nepal to communicate and we are totally in the dark,” he added.

Many of his Nepali friends are rushing to obtain plane tickets to fly home, though the Kathmandu Airport is currently closed.

"I want to take the next flight home," he added.

Baby missing

Thousands of expats from Nepal are working in the UAE and many of them as housemaids. Sangita Tamang who works in Dubai is from Bolgaun, near Borowa close to Sindupal Chowk,  an area close to the epicentre.

"I spoke to my family yesterday. I am struggling to get information.  The communication lines have been cut off.  My mom was alone at home with my brother’s baby at the time of the quake. 

"My house along with all other houses in the village are said to be completely destroyed," she said.

"They managed to find the baby, but there is no news of my mother, "she said.  More than five women from the same village are working in Dubai.

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