Old man caught with plastic male organs

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. (GETTY IMAGES)

When Saudi customs authorities seized an old Syrian man trying to smuggle plastic penises at the airport, he instantly burst into crying and blamed his wife.

The man, in his 60s, was asked by a customs agent at Riyadh international airport to open one of his bags as he returned to the Gulf Kingdom after a short vacation in Damascus.

“When the agent pulled some plastic toy penises out of the bag, the man burst into crying and said he had not expected them to be discovered at the airport,” Sabq newspaper said on Thursday.

“He told them his wife forced him to bring them because he is suffering from impotence,” the paper said, adding that such items are strictly banned in the conservative Moslem Gulf country.

According to the paper, a few hours later a Saudi woman was caught smuggling similar items at the same airport.

“The woman was returning to Saudi Arabia from Sri Lanka…when she was asked to open her bag, customs officials found six plastic penises…she was then arrested.”

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