'Online impotence drugs may cause death'

Health ministry warns public against buying such products

The UAE health ministry has warned the public against online purchase of drugs used in the treatment of impotence, saying many of them may cause death.

The ministry said it had received a warning from some countries about seven types of such medicines which could cause cancer and lead to the death of persons suffering from heart and blood pressure problems.

The ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health and Drug Licensing, Dr Amin Al Amiri, said the drugs included Golden Viagra tablets and Strong Horses capsules, which are sold online.

He said the ministry had just received a warning from the Australian health ministry that such products are fake and could cause death.

He said the ministry had also been alerted by the US Food and Drug Administration about Zero Xtreme and Akkitive capsules, which contain substances that may lead to death.

A warning was also sent by the Canadian health ministry about Sport X Ephedrine, DHEA 25, and Promatrix DHEA 25, which could cause cancer.

“We call on the public not to believe the misleading online advertisements which promote products that could be fake and incompatible with safe specifications.

“These products post a serious threat to public health,” Amiri told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily.

“Those who seek relevant medicines should obtain them from licensed and authorised pharmacies and medical centres in the UAE.

“They also have better consult doctors before using any such medicines marketed by intruders to the medical profession.”

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