Over 4,700 shops caught abusing public health

Abu Dhabi municipality inspectors mounting a drive to ensure public health have caught more than 4,700 restaurants and other business violating hygienic rules this year, a newspaper said on Thursday.

The campaign covered restaurants, coffee shops, hair cutting saloons, groceries and other small businesses in the emirate with the aim of ensuring they are complying with strict public health rules announced last year by the municipality.

“The municipality has registered 4,714 violations of public health and cleanliness rules at restaurants and other shops so far this year,” the Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said.

In a statement, the municipality said it would pursue such campaigns to ensure all shops and restaurants respect public health rules as part of a strategy to protect lives and ensure best business practices.

The statement noted that it had earlier issued instructions on hygienic practices at those businesses, including the use of soap in washing tools at restaurants, sterilization of tools at saloons and coffee shops, and proper disposal of some used items.

“The municipality will not tolerate any violations at those places as they are the most vulnerable places for infection,” it said.

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