Parasites devour young girl's cornea after contacts stay in 6 months

A young girl in Taiwan who wore disposable contact lenses on a regular basis made the fatal mistake of keeping them in her eyes for more than six months without taking them off. She had to bear grave consequence as both the corneas of her eyes were literally finished off by amoeba. 
The disposable contact lenses that the college girl wore for six months without a break were meant only to be worn for one month. When she started suffering from acute pain in her eyes, she went to an eye specialist who told her that she was suffering from Acanthamoeba keratitis, which is a rare, vision threatening, parasitic infection often found among those who wear contact lens.
The matters were made worse due to her bad hygiene habits. She allegedly used dirty water to clean  her face, reports Asia One
As the girl did not follow the correct procedures related to contact lenses, her corneas had shrunk to half their normal size, the opthalmologist claimed.
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