Parents, not maids, should be the primary care givers: poll

Maids taking care of children is a common phenomenon these days as more mothers are busy working. However, this may not be the right way forward, reveals an Emirates 24|7 poll. 

The findings of the survey show that majority (66 per cent) of respondents believe that it the duty and the responsibility of the parents to bring up a child and not that of a maid, who might not be fit to carry out a nanny’s job. Six per cent of the participants said that they would never leave their kid with a minimum-wage cleaner, no matter what. 

Some recent cases have shown that children have been neglected by maids as both parents are out of the house. “I was a working woman till I had my first child but I stopped after that. I was in the advertising industry with long hours. We’ve tried to trim our expenses wherever possible but I'd rather do that than leave my little one with a stranger,” wrote a respondent. 

There are some nurseries in Dubai which take children as young as six months old but some mums think they are over-priced. Nine per cent of the respondents said that they had to leave the child with the maid as they work and that the child is too young for the expensive nurseries in Dubai. 

“I tell my maid to clean on alternate days so that she can focus on the child. So far, everything seems ok but I do get petrified at times when I hear horror stories but I need to work as my husband’s income is not sufficient to maintain our lifestyle,” said another respondent. 

Resorting to a qualified nanny is a much better option if both the mother and the father have to go to work. Parents should not expect housemaids to carry out the duties of a nanny. 

Going by the International Nanny Association, a nanny should be qualified to take on the stressful job of taking care of kids. 

The association stresses the need for education and training of nannies. “A nanny must be a sensitive and stable person who understands and likes children. A typical nanny is a high-school graduate who has received further training in childcare and development. High school students interested in becoming nannies should take courses in communication, psychology, health, family and consumer science and biology. Babysitting and camp counseling will also provide valuable experience,” reads a website which defines the requirements to become a nanny. 

“I have kept a nanny for my children and I trust her. She tends to the basic needs of the children like shopping for them, cooking their meals (not ours), preparing bottles, changing diapers, ironing their clothes, bathing them, taking them to play in the park and for play dates, educating and amusing them children by reading. I do not assign her the duties of a maid. She’s qualified and does her job well and is well paid,” said a German national in Dubai. 

However, there are some people who believe that maids can take care of their children. Nine per cent said they don’t see any reason why maids can’t take care of the little ones, whereas 10 per cent said maybe the maids were equipped to handle young children.

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