Filipino bomb-maker with $1m bounty - Basit Usman - dead

Military investigating how Usman was killed.

The Philippine military chief confirmed on Monday that wanted Filipino bomb-maker Basit Usman, who has links to the Indonesian-based terrorist network and is a suspect in deadly bomb attacks in the south, has been killed.

Washington has offered a $1 million award for Usman's capture and prosecution.

Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said that infighting among Usman's bodyguards led to a firefight Sunday in southern Maguindanao province.

He said it was not clear how Usman was killed, and the military was investigating if he was already dead when rebels arrived to check the firefight.

"What we are confirming is Basit Usman is dead," Catapang told reporters, saying the military has physical evidence, including people who saw Usman's body being buried.

He said the military commander in the area was investigating if rebels had a role in Usman's killing.

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