TV5 to axe Nora’s ‘Never Say Goodbye’?

Her absence creates problems for director

The management of TV5 is considering scrapping the drama series ‘Never Say Goodbye’, as the staff and crew are having a hard time making up for the absence of superstar Nora Aunor.

Some write-ups about her used the word “illness” to explain her absence from the set since she reportedly left for the US in January to see a doctor, but some showbiz insiders alleged this had something to do with her drug addiction.

Aunor, a multi-awarded singer-actress also known as ‘Ate Guy’ (Big Sister Guy), has had some problems with illegal drugs. She was even arrested once in the US for possession of illegal drug-related paraphernalia.

Directed by Mac Alejandre, ‘Never Say’ is a new television soap that boasts a stellar cast that also includes Cesar Montaño, Gardo Versoza, Vin Abrenica, Sophie Albert and Alice Dixson, who recently revived her acting career in the Philippines after separating from her husband in the US.

While Aunor had shot a number of episodes during the last weeks of 2012, she has since not reported for work for allegedly being sick. At first the director managed to do without her, but now he is having difficulty in deciding what to do with her character without Aunor on the set for quite some time.

In January, she said she would consult a doctor who used to treat Julie Andrews, to repair her throat. “The doctor said I have a big chance to be able to sing again,” said Aunor, who is the first Filipino actress to win an international acting award in a major film festival.

Andrews, star of the classic musical ‘The Sound of Music’, has settled her malpractice lawsuit over a 1997 throat operation that she said left her unable to sing professionally.

Aunor has appeared in more than 170 films and released more than 360 singles, and recorded more than 200 songs and over 50 albums since the 1960s.

She was given a major award in Cairo, Egypt for her acting in the 1995 ‘The Flor Contemplacion Story’. The movie is based on the real-life story of a Filipino maid who was hanged in Singapore after she was found guilty of killing her ward and a fellow Filipino maid, Delia Maga.

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