Pregnant Filipino kills self over hubby’s prank SMS

MANILA Be careful what you text to someone, especially a loved one.
A pregnant wife committed suicide after her husband sent her a prank text message saying he was about to leave her.
Michelle Odebilas-Eclipse, 21, was found dead after she hanged herself at the basement of her master’s house in Barangay Amihan, in Project 3, Quezon City late last week.
Police reports said it was a text message from her husband, who resides at their hometown of Guiuan in the central Philippine province of Eastern Samar, which prompted her to kill herself.
In a text message in reply to her husband, Odebilas-Eclipse poured her heartaches over what she described as her husband’s carefree attitude about him becoming a father.
She left Eastern Samar a few months ago to work as a housemaid in Metro Manila’s suburb of Quezon City. She also hinted in her text messages that her husband has not been working hard enough to save for their future. 




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