Qatar plane makes unscheduled landing

Qatar Airways flight has been diverted to Manchester. (Supplied)

A Qatar Airways flight from New York was forced to make an unscheduled landing at a British airport due to a disruptive passenger, local police said on Thursday.

"It would appear the staff had to restrain a male during the flight and the pilot had to re-route and land at Manchester. Police attended and have arrested the male," a police spokesman said.

The airport had earlier said the flight, which was headed to Doha, was diverted due to a minor medical issue.


CA Qatar Airways flight from New York will make an unscheduled landing at Britain's Manchester Airport due to a medical issue on board, the airport said on Thursday.

"We appear to have a minor medical issue on board so we're diverting the flight to Manchester as a precaution before it carries on to its destination in Doha," an airport spokeswoman said. 

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