Rapist of 13 children seized in Saudi

42-year-old teacher raped 13 little girls in four years

Saudi police finally seized a national man who had raped 13 children over the past four years following a massive manhunt across the Kingdom’s second largest city and other parts of the country, newspapers reported on Sunday.

The arrest of the 42-year-old school teacher, who is married and has four children, came just a week after he grabbed his latest victim at a rest house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah. Nine-year-old Maha recounted her ordeal to the police and begged them to kill the rapist when they get him.

“Finally, the horrible rapist who has raped 13 little girls aged between eight and 10 years over the past four years was caught in Jeddah,” Sabq daily said.

“Police identified him as a Saudi school teacher who is married with four children……after getting clues leading to the criminal, a large police force stormed his house in Jeddah and arrested him.”

Newspapers in the oil-rich Gulf country said the unnamed rapist had stalked little girls near rest houses and wedding halls in Jeddah and used to give them sweets or other items to lure them into his car.

He had first used a Toyota Prado to hunt for victims but later changed it into a small car with black glass so his victims will not be seen by others, they said.

“He was taking the little girls to his house and rape them….before he goes out hunting for victims, he used to take his wife and children to a rest house far from his home and leave them there for some time.”

Maha, whose father is a police man, this week told police how that man snatched her from a rest house late night, slapped her many times before bundling her in his car and took her to his apartment where he raped her.

“Kill him…kill him when you catch him,” the school girl told the police after recounting what she had been through and how she came back home.

Maha was with her family in a wedding at a rest house in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah when the outside door was knocked late night.

She went and opened the door to find a strange man who asked her to come with him and take a bag for the bride.

Scared by his looks, she refused and was about to rush back into the rest house when he grabbed her and dragged her to his car. He slapped her many times, bundled her in his car and sped away.

“I want to see this human wolf punished for what he had done to my daughter and other innocent girls…I will not rest before I catch him and hand him to justice,” Maha’s father said.

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