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115-year-old Saudi hates chicken… and mobiles

Pic: Sabq

Ahmed Al Shamrani of Saudi Arabia is now around 115 years and says he is still healthy and strong. Shamrani attributes his health to good eating habits as he rarely eats meat and hates chicken… and mobile phones.

Sabq newspaper’s reporter who met Shamrani at his home in a modest desert cottage near the southern Saudi town of Balgaren, said the man looked strong and alert and that he remembered incidents dating back to early 1900s.

“He said that he does not eat chicken as he does not like it. He never used a mobile phone and has been to the hospital only once,” the paper said.

Although temperatures dip to near zero in his area in winter, Shamrani prefers to have a bath with cold water and to live on his own in the desert after all his friends died.

The paper quoted Shamrani as saying he had 113 children, grand- children and great-grand-children and that he does not like busy towns.

“He said that he has performed Haj (pilgrimage) five times and that he had to walk thousands of kilometres to Makkah every time he went on Haj.

"He said that he still remembers that he met late King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman during Haj and that he recalls living during the Ottoman rule in early 1900s.”