2,000 names of would-be brides stolen

Unknown thieves in Kuwait thought it was their lucky day when they stumbled across an open car with a neat bag resting on its front seat.
They simply opened the door, snatched the bag and fled, apparently thinking it contains a fortune.

“The bag does not contain any money, jewelry or any precious items,” its owner told police after his bag disappeared from his car in front of his house.

“The bag contains the names, telephone numbers and address of more than 2,000 ladies seeking to marry…I think these documents are more important than money and more valuable than gold,” he said, quoted by 'Alanba' newspaper.

The unknown man said he was worried those who stole the bag could resort to publicise the names online or use them in a wrong way.
“I believe there will be very serious consequences in case they do so.”

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