64-year-old Arab rapes teen daughter

A 64-year-old Lebanese man raped his 15-year-old daughter after punching her and shaving her hair off at his home in the Arab country.

In a film published by the Lebanese TV station Al Jadeed, the girl said she was in her bed at night when her father came in.

“He shaved my hair off and when I protested, he started to punch me on the face. He then took my clothes off and told me that he was doing so for my own good,” she said.

“I begged him again and again. I told him that I am his daughter but he started to punch me again.

"He then forced me close to him and slept with me. In the morning, I told my mother. I could not even cry for what he did to me.

"We just don’t want him with us anymore,” she added as she began to sob.

The mother told the TV presenter that she informed the police who raided the man’s house in the capital Beirut and arrested him.

The father was not identified, but the YouTube film shows a bald, short man being led by policemen.

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