8 year-old bride dies on honeymoon

An eight-year-old Yemeni girl died on the first day of her honeymoon with her husband who is aged above 40 years.

Newspapers in Yemen said Rawan died of ruptures in her uterus and other organs after sleeping with her husband at a local hotel just after their wedding.

They said the incident immediately triggered calls by activists for arresting the husband and Rawan's parents for forcing her to marry an old man at that age.

"They all should arrested and punished for committing this heinous crime. Rawan was killed by this man's savage lust. These criminals must be an example for all those who support marriage of minors."

Maid kills Saudi employer while asleep
A Nepalese housemaid waited for her Saudi employer to go to bed, got a big knife from the kitchen and slit his throat.

Police arrested the maid just after she murdered the man in the bedroom at his house in the capital Riyadh on Sunday, newspapers said.

They gave no details of the crime but said police are questioning the maid to know her motives for the murder.

Send me home or I kill myself: maid

An Asian housemaid took her head cover off, tied it around her neck and threatened to strangle herself unless her Saudi employer agrees to send her back home, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Fearing the maid would commit a suicide, the woman in the western Saudi port of Yanbu told the maid she accepted her demand and would send her home if she takes the cover off her neck.

“She then called the police, who came and arrested the maid….they then detained her pending her deportation to her home country,” Sabq newspaper said.



Baby found at mosque with letter


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